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GtkBalls is the clone of well-known DOS game "Lines".


2004-11-16GtkBalls 3.1.5 released. Changes:
- Make pointer highlighting parameters configurable
- New theme from 5ball - 5balls-Big
2004-10-26GtkBalls 3.1.4 released. Changes:
- Polished and fixed gfx behavior (f.e. cell movement now works while ball is moving/destroying)
- Migration to GtkUIManager
- Scores now saved in utf-8 encoding (old scores will NOT be lost =)
- Workaround stupid gtk+ bug in window resizing code
2004-05-26GtkBalls 3.1.3 released. Changes:
- Fixed critical bugs in pathfinding functions
- New theme - "mascots"
- Updates to auto*/gettext
2004-04-02"Mascots" theme added
2004-02-06GtkBalls 3.1.2 released. Changes:
- Fixed big bug that lead to sigsegv
- Added saving/loading of keyboard accelerators

GtkBalls 3.1.1 released. Changes:
- Added ability to delete saved games from save/load game dialog
- UI polishing
- translations updates
- small bug, compilation and gtkballs.spec fixes
2004-01-22GtkBalls 3.1.0 released. Changes:
- Now images in themes can be in any format that gdk-pixbuf understand
- Game can be played with keyboard only (use arrows and space/enter)
- Hilight cell "under the pointer" (for keyboard play)
- Updated gtkballs(6x) man page
- Death of score writer process now handled correctly (mostly)
- compilation with gcc 3.x fixes
- code reorganization (should be much readable now)
- migration to autoconf 2.54/automake 1.6.3/gettext 0.11.5
2002-08-22Version 3.0.1 released. Changes:
- Optional "Time Limit" per move. (If you think, that this function works unexpected - tell me why it should work otherwise...)
- Removed world writable score file.
- auto* fixes (PLD), cosmetic fixes, documentation fixes (Debian).
2002-04-02Version 3.0.0 released. Changes:
- Port to gtk2. (will NOT work with gtk < 2.0.0)
- Bugfixes, code cleanups, ui polishing, etc...
- Rules now stored in preferences file
- Updated Polish translation
2002-02-15Version 2.2.0 released. Changes:
- Game rules now customizable. (i.e. you can set board size different than 9x9)
- "Input name" dialog now works as expected
- Save game file format changed to plain text.
- Score file format changed. Though old format still supported.
- Updated Polish translation
2001-12-13Version 2.1.1 released. Changes:
- Save/Load game.
- Option to turn off "disappearing" animation
2001-11-20Released version 2.1. Changes:
- "Advanced" themes. =)
You can start making your own themes if you have some spare time... =)
2001-11-13Redesigned web site.
2001-10-19Released version 2.0.1. Changes:
- Fixed the "Undo" bug: after a move resulting in a score growth, the "Undo" did not decrease the score.
- New translations: Polish and German.
- Updated French translation. (But i dont know French, so review it if you know. =)
- Dialogs can be closed by hitting "ESC" key.
2001-10-09Released version 2.0. Added "undo" functionality.
2001-10-08GtkBalls got new maintainer.
Released version 2.0pre1.



Source package:
gtkballs-3.1.5.tar.gz (http)

Binary rpm package:
gtkballs-3.1.5-alt1.i686.rpm (http)

Source rpm package:
gtkballs-3.1.5-alt1.src.rpm (http)





drF_ckoff, Eugene Morozov